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Lauku atbalsta dienests

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Vidi saudzējošu metožu pielietošana dārzkopībā

Stubble field during the winter (RLZP)

Natura 2000 payments (to forest owners) (NIM)

Separated transitional state aid for arable land (ALA)

Preservation of genetic resources of farm animals (PLGR)

Aid for breeding activities in the dairy sector

Aid for breeding in the beef production sector

Aid for breeding in the pig farming sector

Aid for breeding in horse farming sector

Aid for breeding in the sheep farming sector

Aid for breeding in the goat farming sector

Aid for breeding in non-traditional sectors

RSS School Fruit

RSS School Milk

Manufacturing groups

Promotion of tourist activities

Aid for collecting, transporting, processing, and disposing of animal corpses

Aid for partial coverage of veterinary expertise costs

Aid for preparing and using high-quality seed

Technical aid in the agricultural sector

Aid for covering purchase costs of insurance policies

Subsidized electricity tax

Informational and promotional measures for agricultural products

Modernisation of agricultural holdings

Exemption of excise duty on diesel fuel used in the production of agricultural products

Phytosanitary Measures compensation

Single area payment (SAPS)

Maksājumi apgabaliem, kuros ir dabas vai citi specifiski ierobežojumi

Bioloģiskās lauksaimniecība

Maintaining biodiversity in grasslands (BDUZ)

Aid for producer organisations in the fishery sector

Support for investments in agricultural holdings

Support for investments in processing

Special support for bee-keeping

Mazo lauksaimnieku atbalsta shēma

Seasonal farm workers

Brīvprātīgi saistītais atbalsts par slaucamām govīm

Brīvprātīgi saistītais atbalsts par kazām

Brīvprātīgi saistītais atbalsts par liellopiem

Brīvprātīgi saistītais atbalsts par aitām

Brīvprātīgi saistītais atbalsts par proteīnaugiem

Brīvprātīgi saistītais atbalsts par cietes kartupeļiem

Brīvprātīgi saistītais atbalsts par sertificētas sēklas kartupeļiem

Brīvprātīgi saistītais atbalsts par sertificētām stiebrzāļu un lopbarības augu sēklām

Brīvprātīgi saistītais atbalsts par sertificētu labības sēklu

Brīvprātīgi saistītais atbalsts par miežiem

Brīvprātīgi saistītais atbalsts par vasaras rapsi

Brīvprātīgi saistītais atbalsts par dārzeņiem

Brīvprātīgi saistītais atbalsts par augļiem un ogām

Investments in agricultural and forestry infrastructure

Start up aid for development of small farms

Starp up aid for young farmers

Support for afforestation/creation of woodland

Support for restoration of damage to forests from forest fires and natural disasters and catastrophic events

Support for investments improving the resilience and environmental value of forest ecosystems

Risk management

Separated transitional state aid in special circumstances for new farmers (JAL)

Maksājums par klimata un videi labvēlīgu lauksaimniecības praksi (Zaļināšanas maksājums)

Implementation of actions under the community-led local development strategies

Community-led local development strategies

Saudzējošas vides izveide, audzējot nektāra augus

Bioloģiskā lauksaimniecība

Support for investments in non-agric activities in rural areas

Refunds of infectious animal diseases

Atbalsts ražotāju organizācijām augļu un dārzeņu sektorā

Investments in board fishing vessels and fishing gear selectivity

Implementation of territorial development strategies

Protection and development of aquatic fauna and flora

Promotion of competitiveness in local development strategy implementation territories and Rural economic diversification and improvement of the quality of life in local development strategy territories

Vocational training and informational events

Aid for the collection, transportation and processing of animal by-products

Aid for developing the beekeeping sector

Aid for ensuring the activities of plant gene banks, central databases, and molecular passportisation laboratories

Aid for preserving crop gene pools and verifying breed identity

Aid for realisation of monitoring mineral nitrogen in soil

Aid for assessing breeding material for implementing integrated and organic crop production technologies

Aid for research projects to be use in agriculture

Aid for promoting mutual cooperation of rural and farmer associations and foundations and for participating in international organisations

Aid for market promotion

Aid for participating in the organic farming scheme

Aid for participating in the national food quality scheme

Aid for participating in the indication of protected geographical origins, designation of names, and guaranteed traditional specialties scheme

Aid for cooperative societies of agricultural and forestry services

Aid for recognised farmers unions

Fish Fund measures

Investments in aquaculture businesses

Investments in production, processing or marketing equipment and infrastructure

Development of new markets and promotional campaigns

Zvejas aktivitāšu pilnīga pārtraukšana

Social economics measures

Zvejas produktu uzglabāšanas atbalsts

Creating producers and organizations groups

Kredītprocentu dzēšana

Aquaculture providing environmental services

Fishing ports, landing sites, auction halls and shelters

Productive investments in aquaculture

Restoring agricultural production potential damaged by natural disasters and catastrophic events and introduction of appropriate prevention actions

Added value, product quality and use of unwanted catches

Processing of fishery and aquaculture products

Marketing measures

Atbalsts LEADER vietējai attīstībai un Sabiedrības virzītas vietējās attīstības stratēģiju īstenošana (stratēģijas)

Support for investments in the creation, improvement or expansion of all types of small scale infrastructure, including investments in renewable energy and energy saving.

Sviesta/vājpiena pulvera intervences iepirkums

Permanent cessation of fishing activities

Compensation for fisherman

The local action group operation and territory development

Fishing fleet modernization


Control and enforcement

Support for prevention of damage to forests from forest fires and natural disasters and catastrophic events

Piena produktu privāta uzglabāšana

Improvement of knowledge in the field of marine environmental status

Cūkgaļas privātā uzglabāšana

Professional training and skills acquisition actions

Support for the design and implementation of conservation measures and regional cooperation

Management, relief and advisory services for aquaculture farms

Support for the animals, herds and holdings and register for dairy cows and goats in order to ensure supervision

Work plan

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