Priorities of the Ministry of Agriculture for 2014 -2015

Facilitating access to Latvia’s land and water resources and their sustainable management, amongst others, development and monitoring of amelioration systems, agricultural and forestry infrastructure, protection of ecosystems as well as a sustainable use of fish resources thus, ensuring employment and wellbeing of population.

Ensuring a purposeful use of the European Union and national financing in agriculture, forestry and fisheries, effectively utilizing the finances remaining from the programming period 2007 – 2014 and ensuring implementation of the measures envisaged for programming period 2014 2020.

Supporting market-oriented activities of small and medium farms, encouraging cooperation and a fair competition among business operators and a sustainable production of high quality agricultural and fisheries products, amongst others, production and marketing of food and forestry goods.
Facilitating production and marketing of goods with a higher added value according to demands of internal and export markets, amongst others, implementing quality schemes in domestic food production, and developing organic agriculture, promoting introduction of new or improved and environmentally friendly technologies.

Ensuring effective monitoring and control in respect of hygiene and safety in the sectors of food, and animal feed, veterinary drugs and packaging material coming into contact with food.

Ensuring monitoring and control measures based on risk assessment, including implementation of recommendations by the European Commission with a view to protect the country from spreading of animal infectious diseases.

Facilitating access to modern and scientifically grounded knowledge, information and advisory for sectoral business operators, particularly supporting improvement of knowledge and raising the level of innovations, promoting transfer of knowledge and skills thus ensuring a successful development of the national economy.

Carrying out collection of data in agricultural, forestry and fisheries sector, including economic data thus, improving functioning of information n system, improving and simplifying data exchange possibilities among sectoral business operators, advisers, researchers and State institutions.

Preparing for and carrying out the presidency of Latvia of the European Union Council in the first half of 2015 in the spheres falling within the competence of the Ministry of Agriculture.