Conference "Improvements of dairy cattle welfare - development of further sustainable agriculture practices"


Dear Madam or Sir,

Ministry of Agriculture of Latvia in close cooperation with Nordic network for Communicating Animal Welfare (NordCaw) invites You to participate in 

international animal welfare Conference  “Improvements of dairy cattle welfare - development of further sustainable agriculture practices”.


Conference will take place in 30th of September, 2021, this year, the conference will entirely take place in virtual space.


Conference Program:
The registered participant will get the opportunity to listen to the live presentations of the speakers from Norway, Latvia, Sweeden and Finland in the area of animal welfare,  who will share the experience on reaching the  high standarts of welfare in dairy farming with the aim of to reach sustainability in Agrucultural sector. The range of the presented topics is broad and in touch with the latest developements in calf and dairy animal welfare, as well, the oportunities to reduce the negative impact on environment and climate via rising of the animal welfare standarts.


Please find more about agenda of the Conference on our homepage.

For participation in the confrenence please use the registration form that you can find on our homepage:

We are looking forward to hosting this event and welcome as many of You as possible!

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