Baltic and Visegrad Group of States, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Slovenia, in their joint declaration, request commensurability of the EU environment and climate objectives with the funding for agriculture

Monday September 28, Ministers for Agriculture of Baltic and Visegrad Group of States* as well as Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Slovenia, at the meeting on the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform issues, signed the joint declaration on commensurability of the ambitious environment and climate measures, laid down by the European Commission (COM), to the EU funding in agriculture.

Kaspars Gerhards: “In the declaration, we are emphasizing that the funding from the Common Agricultural Policy is not sufficient to achieve the EU ambitions environment and climate objectives. There are still considerable differences in direct payments for Member States – they must be taken into account when laying down contribution by farmers toward achievement of the environment and climate requirements. The new EU Green Deal strategies “From farm to fork” and “Biodiversity strategy” – the set level of ambitions must be realistic and attainable, these strategies must not impair farmers’ competitiveness.”  

The Ministers for Agriculture of Baltic and Visegrad Group of States* as well as Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Slovenia, are indicating in the declaration that Member States must be provided with a more freedom in implementation of the environment and climate measures so that Member States are able to choose the measures conforming to their national and regional specificities. Moreover, to lessen the administrative burden, it is necessary to avoid application of disproportionate controls to small-size farms.

In their declaration, the Ministers point out that the funding for the EU Recovery measures (economic crisis caused by Covid-19 pandemic) must be available as soon as possible besides, it must be easily available and without an excessive administrative burden.

The EU Member States, participating in the meeting, want to achieve that the European Commission’s regulation lays down requirements to achieve the ambitious objectives of the environment and climate for each Member State in accordance with the allocated CAP funding. CAP funding and direct payments will be different for each Member State also in the programming period 2021-2027. The above-mentioned States hold an opinion that the higher is the level of direct payments – the higher requirements can be imposed on a farmer.

*Visegrad Group of States – Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia.

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