Ministers for Agriculture of Baltic States and Poland will agree on the further joint opinion in their struggle for an equal approach to all the farmers of the EU Member States

On Thursday, September 5, in Warsaw, Kaspars Gerhards, the Minister for Agriculture will meet Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski, the Polish Minister for Agriculture and Rural development, Mart Jarvik, the Estonian Minister for Rural Affairs and Andrius Palionis, the Lithuanian Minister for Agriculture to discuss their further joint opinion on the EU Common Agricultural Policy and its funding after 2020.

Kaspars Gerhards, the Minister for Agriculture: “The main priority for Latvia is fair direct payments and an adequate funding for rural development in the European Union the next programming period. Equal direct payments is one of prerequisites of fair competition for all the farmers in EU Member States. Thus, it is important that we reach the joint opinion and position among the Baltic States already at the beginning of this year – we will keep asking for such support mechanisms for Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland that would provide the necessary support for our farmers the next programming period and not leaving them in an unequal position as it has been until now.”

During the meeting, the Minister for Agriculture of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland, are planning to sign the joint declaration, voicing the joint position of these four States on the funding of EU CAP, adjusting of direct payments, averting of brexit consequences as well as the necessary support for young farmers.

Information prepared by: Dagnija Muceniece,
Head of the Press and Public Relations Division
telephone: 67027070; mob.: 26534104

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