The financing earmarked for agriculture EU must not hand over to other sectors

Monday, November 10, at the EU Council of Ministers for Agriculture and Fisheries in Brussels, Latvia sharply objected to proposals to channel the increase in Common Agricultural Policy budget, envisaged in 2015, to other sectors of economy.


“The European Union agricultural budget, including the budget increase, must be used solely to solve crisis in the sector of agriculture. The current situation on agricultural market is only worsening and it is not clear for how long the embargo on agricultural products, introduced by Russia will be in force. Therefore, it is not wise to start considering a possibility to use the financing, earmarked for agriculture, for other sectors,” pointed out Aivars Lapiņš, councilor of the Ministry of Agriculture in Brussels, at the EU Council of Ministers for Agriculture and Fisheries.


Latvia, is still requesting to urgently introduce special EU support measures for milk sector in the countries, which most of all have suffered from the crisis caused by Russia’s embargo – Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Finland. “The European Commission has not yet found acceptable means to stabilize the milk sector after introduction of Russian sanctions, therefore the earlier voiced proposals to divert the financing, due to farmers, to other sectors, which are not related to agriculture in any way, is even less acceptable for Latvia, “ explained Aivars Lapiņš.

According to prognosis, in 2015, EU CAP budget revenues from agriculture could increase by EUR 440 million. In the process of adopting the EU budget for 2015, some EU commissioners came forth with the proposal to channel these resources to other sectors, not related to agriculture.

Information prepared:
Dagnija Muceniece,
Head of Press and Public Relations Division,
Ministry of Agriculture

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