Administrative Department

Basic tasks of the Department are as follows:

- ensuring a proper working out and preparation of documentation in compliance with internal and external regulatory acts and control of performance, ensuring the movement of documents at the Ministry of Agriculture, as well as correspondence with the State and local government institutions, legal entities and private persons;

- ensuring administrative work continuity of structural units of the Ministry of Agriculture;

- ensuring an effective utilization of the State budget resources, EU and foreign financing in the sector, by carrying out public procurement tenders, a rational management of the administrative building, in possession of the Ministry of Agriculture, and the use of transport vehicles, being at the Ministry’s disposal, for performance of job duties;

- representation of interests of the Ministry of Agriculture in the information and communication technologies forum (ICT forum);

- facilitating the development of services provided by the Ministry of Agriculture and subordinate institutions by maintaining and developing information systems being under the authority of the Ministry and to ensure implementation monitoring of information technology safety policy in the sector of agriculture;

- ensuring processing, movement and preservation of the limited accessibility information, including restricted documents and the State secret objects;

- maintaining contacts and cooperation with representatives of the European Commission, other international institutions and experts as well as with representatives of the State and local government institutions in matters of the European Union Information System management and Services Directive in compliance with the competence of the Department;

- representation of Latvia’s interests  in the European Union and the European Council working groups on public procurement, and implementation of the European Union Information System management and Services Directive as well as with a view of ensuring information turnover on decisions made in EU instances.


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