Budget and Finances Department

Basic tasks of the Department are as follows:

- ensuring financial management  and accountancy at the Ministry of Agriculture, the principal authority of the sector, and its subordinate institutions;

- preparation of proposals on the necessity of additional financial resources for agriculture, fisheries and forestry according to governmental declaration and priorities of strategic plan of the Ministry of Agriculture;

- preparation of the annual budget proposals of the Ministry of Agriculture, financial management of and financial control on budgetary programs and subprograms regarding expediency and conformity of utilization of budget resources, including resources of the European Union funds;

- ensuring the accounting system of the Ministry of Agriculture, as the central body, and organization of methodological guidance for subordinate institutions;

- preparation of the financial justification for regulatory acts and policy planning documents drafted by officers of the Ministry of Agriculture, to be submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers;

- management, accountancy and registration of the State real estate being in legal possession of the Ministry of Agriculture, as well as other activities associated with leasing of the State immovable assets and uninhabitable premises, legal and expedient use of movable and immovable assets by the Ministry’s subordinate institutions.


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