Fisheries Department

Basic tasks of the Department are as follows:

- dealing with implementation of the fisheries policy, including elaboration of documents for fisheries policy and strategy planning, management of fish resources, supervision and coordination of measures and obligations of the Member State, derived from the EU Common Fisheries Policy;

- representation of Latvia’s interests in fisheries sector in the EU institutions, as well as in the respective international organizations, preparation of fisheries financial support policy (national and EU);

- elaboration of national legislation on fisheries (Fisheries Law and necessary regulatory acts for activities in fisheries, governance, as well for the management and conservation of fish resources, and for financial support);

- dealing with the issues more related to implementation of the policy: management of fish resources in the inland waters, territorial waters and economic zone waters of the Republic of Latvia to monitor a sustainable exploitation, restocking and research of fish resources in the inland waters and coastal waters of Latvia;

- ensuring the cooperation with the state Institute of Food Safety, Animal Health and Environment (BIOR) as regards fisheries;

- coordinating operations of the Fisheries Integrated Control and Information System in Latvia;

- monitoring compliance of Latvia’s fishing fleet (capacity expressed in power and tonnage) with the reference levels set out by the EU.


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