Forest Department

Basic tasks of the Department are as follows:

- development of Latvia’s forest policy in the context of general development trends of the national economy, international commitments and EU forestry strategy;

- preparation of the policy planning documents for the forestry sector, forest genetic resources and land, incl. land amelioration infrastructure, regulations on climate and bioenergy, having impact on the sector, and necessary for functioning of the sector, and improvement of application of this documentation;

- drawing up of legal acts in the abovementioned areas of competence;

- assessment and ordering of scientific research necessary for policy and strategy in respect of the forestry, climate, energy and land use, analysis of the situation in education and science of the forestry sector;

- providing opinions on legal acts drafted by other Departments of the Ministry of Agriculture and other Ministries in Latvia;

- maintaining the database on production and  marketing of forestry products and employment, necessary for operation of the information system of the forestry sector;

- ensuring effectiveness of measures, focused on conservation and protection of forest biological diversity;

- cooperation in assessment and improvement of educational and scientific activity in the forestry sector, improvement of the public knowledge on the forestry sector;

- participation in international processes related to the forestry sector;

- representing interests of the Ministry of Agriculture in national and international institutions as well as defending Latvia’s position in the national and the European Union working groups and international organizations.


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