Market and Direct Support Department

Basic tasks of the Department are as follows:

- ensuring implementation and application in Latvia, and improvement of instruments, regulating implementation of the European Union Common Agricultural Policy Pillar I measures – direct payments, market support by the Common Market Organization (CMO), trade and production, in compliance with requirements of the European Union and taking account of the State interests;

- implementation and application in Latvia and improvement of the European Union CAP cross-compliance system;

- drafting of regulatory acts on EU external trade,  promotion of agricultural products and market, agricultural economic and statistical information, investments in food industry and other areas falling within the competence of the Department;

- coordination of policy development in the area of food market;

- providing opinion on regulatory acts drafted by other Departments of the Ministry of Agriculture and other Ministries in Latvia;

- representation of interests of the Ministry of Agriculture in national and international institutions as well as defending of Latvia’s position in the national and the European Union and the European Council working groups and in international organizations.


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